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Festival Paint

This past weekend was the first round of Coachella which starts festival season- Lolla, Bonaroo, Summerfest and Memphis in May are just a few of the big-name music gathering that will be happening during the warm weather months. I love festival style because it is completely free spirited and insanely different from my everyday routine. […]

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Steal Their Style: The Angels

The Victoria’s Secret Angels are like the popular girls in high school–boys  love them and girls love to hate them, but secretly wish for their gorgeous glowing skin. The Angels are undoubtedly the most genetically gifted women on Earth, but their team of hair and makeup artists also do quite a bit of work. With the warm […]

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Get Sandal-Worthy!

It has hit 80 degrees here in the Midwest several days in a row and spring just arrived! This miraculous weather has ladies whipping out the shorts, tossing on a sundress and taking sandals out of their winter hibernation. Unfortunately, I don’t know about everyone else, but my toesies are anything but beach-ready after the […]

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