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Navigating the Lipstick Jungle

Lipstick can change the look of your outfit or alter your entire persona in just one swipe. Whether you want to go classic with a bright red, or jump on the coral bandwagon, keeping that lipstick on all day is always a problem. Thankfully, there are aΒ few super easy precautions to make sure that color […]

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Vacation’s All I Ever Wanted

August means only one thing…vacation! For many, the end of summer is time for jetting away from your job and every-day life. Whether you have the luxury of flying to a little island in the Caribbean or just taking a little road trip for the week, vacation is exactly what we all need this time […]

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Extreme Eye Makeup

Extreme eye makeup is a commonality on the runways and an exciting part of the makeup business, but is not very often worn by every-day women. We put on makeup everyday to enhance our already existing loveliness, but often forget about all the fun that makeup can bring! As my favorite lady, Lorelai Gilmore, once […]

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