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Essentials For Your Makeup Drawer

10 Items Every Person Should Have In Their Makeup Drawer 1. Eyelash Curler An eyelash curler is my #1 makeup tool! Curled lashes make your eyes look bigger and brighter with just a quick squeeze of the tool. I have always sworn by my Shesiedo curler, but I know people who love everything from expensive […]

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Breakin’ All The Rules

We have all heard silly and outdated fashion and beauty rules that have been passed down through generations of women, but somewhere along the line have become obsolete and antiquated. Who needs to worry about the proper time of night it becomes appropriate to wear red lipstick? We say put it on at 9am! Let’s […]

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Fashion Week Nail Trends

Runway nails are an art form all their own. Every season a new, fabulous trend comes through and we cannot wait to try it out! Β This season was no different. Between New York, London and Milan there was a plethora of nail art inspiration, and most of them are quite easy to try at home. […]

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