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Coloring Inside the Line

Have you ever felt like you put way too much effort into applying your lipstick only to have it smudge all over the place? I know the frustrating feeling, and it wasn’t until I discovered the wonders of a lip brush that my lipstick started to look flawless. I always apply the lipstick directly to […]

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All That Glitters

I have a habit of being drawn to anything shiny, glimmering and sparkly and my obsession knows no boundaries. Sequin dress? Yes please! Glimmering statement necklace? Sign me up! All-over body glitter? Why yes, of course I will! Now the last one is just for special occasions like Halloween, but there are a slew of […]

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Navigating the Lipstick Jungle

Lipstick can change the look of your outfit or alter your entire persona in just one swipe. Whether you want to go classic with a bright red, or jump on the coral bandwagon, keeping that lipstick on all day is always a problem. Thankfully, there are aΒ few super easy precautions to make sure that color […]

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