Coloring Inside the Line

Have you ever felt like you put way too much effort into applying your lipstick only to have it smudge all over the place? I know the frustrating feeling, and it wasn’t until I discovered the wonders of a lip brush that my lipstick started to look flawless.

I always apply the lipstick directly to my lips first, and then spread it out and define the edges with the brush. Next, blot it off, apply clear powder on top and once again use the lip brush to apply a second coat. This is my tried, tested and true lipstick application process and I guarantee it to stay put for hours.

When picking out a lip brush I think that a stiff, but not hard, brush is best.

Taklon Pointed Lip Brush (BC656)

The Royal & Langnickel C656 is perfect for precise application, and if you want a brush that can be easily tossed in your clutch the Royal & Langnickel C650 is the perfect retractable brush. I always keep one on my dresser and one in my handbag, so I can be prepared to take on a lipstick emergency at any moment!

Royal & Langnickel C650 Retractable Lip Brush

I also use the lip brush to apply a light coat of gloss to keep the color from getting cakey (when you apply the clear powder, it tends to mattify the lipstick even more that it originally was!). By using a brush you can get a slightly glossy look instead of globbing it all on.

The question that is on everyone’s minds when lipstick is being thought about is to line or not to line? That is the question. Personally, I do not use lip liner because my lips are naturally dark enough but if you do a nude color is definitely the best option. MAC’s Spice is one of the most highly recommended colors out there, and Smashbox has a great selection of nudes for every skin tone. If your lips are a similar shade to your skin, this will really help give them depth and also keep the lipstick put!

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At Royal & Langnickel we LOVE beauty, but we are PASSIONATE about brushes. This is why we designed our lines alongside some of the industry’s top professional makeup artists to ensure the quality and craftsmanship would stand up to intense daily use, while providing a flawless finish. We look to use this weblog to share with professional makeup artists and enthusiasts information on beauty and brushes. We hope you enjoy and engage!


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