Essentials For Your Makeup Drawer

10 Items Every Person Should Have In Their Makeup Drawer

1. Eyelash Curler
An eyelash curler is my #1 makeup tool! Curled lashes make your eyes look bigger and brighter with just a quick squeeze of the tool. I have always sworn by my Shesiedo curler, but I know people who love everything from expensive models to CVS brand. The key is finding a curler that fits your eye shape so there’s no pinching or pulling (can you say ouch?!) It may be a bit of trial and error, but once you find the right brand, it’s the best tool in your drawer! Don’t forget to change the rubber pads once in a while to keep it good as new!

2. Eyelash Comb
This may belong with item #1, but its power to separate and define lashes is so great it deserves a number of its own! A lash comb with metal bristles, like the Royal & Langnickel BC515, will last forever and works really well to make your eyelashes super full and luscious. Apply one coat of mascara, let it dry, comb and then apply another coat. Beautiful eyes will follow!

Royal & Langnickel Lash Comb C515

3. Kabuki Brush
A kabuki brush is a super versatile powder brush that can be used with most makeup in your drawer. Bronzer, blush and mineral powder all go on great with this fluffy alternative to a powder brush. The short handle of the KABUKI-39 gives you great control and lets you buff on the makeup in a circular motion that will give you airbrushed-looking skin.

4. Great Red Lipstick
No woman’s makeup drawer is complete without a kick-ass, perfect for any occasion red lipstick. It can make any evening outfit glamorous or, when worn with a coat of lip gloss, can make any daytime outfit look polished. I have personally found my perfect red in Revlon’s Love That Red. It’s a perfect pure red with no blue or orange undertones, but depending on your skin tone a blue or orange tint will do a beautiful job in bringing out your complexion. A pale, Snow White-esque complexion will work well with blue undertones, while a complexion with yellow undertones should wear orange-red.

5. Angled Liner Brush
An angled liner brush like the Royal & Langnickel BC495 makes crisp eyeliner lines and perfects your pencil liner. Wet the brush and dip it in any dark colored shadow and fill in over your penciled lines. This will help it stay put and fill in any cracks or imperfections!

6. Perfect Pink Polish
The perfect pink polish is every girls go-to when in need of a quick mani or pedi. OPI’s Shorts Story is a great vibrant pink, or if you prefer a lighter shade try Essie’s Mademoiselle for the perfect petal-pink polish. Pink is always a feminine and appropriate choice and is likley to match anything in your closet.

7. Tweezers
Every girl needs a little tweeze once and a while. Between eyebrow waxes, it’s easy to do some at-home maintenance, especially with the nifty tools that are now available! Check out the Sally Hansen light-up tweezers; they have an LED light that gives you great accuracy and lets you easily see those stubborn little hairs.

8. Concealer
As you remember from my article a few week ago, concealer is a majorly important part of any beauty routine! It can cover up any unsightly blemishes, brighten your eyes and when strategically placed it can even be a fountain of youth.

9. Nourishing lip gloss
A great lip gloss is a lifesaver. It can be tossed into your clutch, used alone or over lipstick. My favorite formula is actually from Bath & Body Works and has mint infused into the clear gloss for an added zing. If you’re looking for a formula more like a lip balm, Burt’s Beesis hands-down the way to go.

C.O. Bigelow Ultra Mentha Lip Shine

10. Fluffy eyeshadow Brush
Last but not least and another eye tool (have you sensed the trend of eyes being very important?). A fluffy eye brush is the perfect versitile tool because it can be used to apply all different types of shadow. Try the Royal & Langnickel BC501, an angled fluff brush, which can be used to apply all-over color, define the crease or use a darker shade on the outer corners.

Royal & Langnickel SILK Synthetic Angle Eye Fluff

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3 Comments on “Essentials For Your Makeup Drawer”

  1. November 9, 2011 at 2:16 pm #

    I have the BC515 lash comb and it is worth it’s weight in gold!I love it!

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