Haunting Halloween Makeup Looks

The holiday season is finally here, and it starts this weekend with Halloween! I know I have a full costume line up for the weekend, but you can show your holiday spirit even if you aren’t in full Halloween get-up. A fabulously gory manicure, some sparkly eyeshadow or eerily beautiful lips will bring the holiday spirit whether you’re in or out of costume!

I’ve seen this technique of blow-painting your nails floating around the internet (mostly on Pinterest) but never have I seen it used it in such a wonderfully creepy way. White with splatters of blood red is gruesomely gorgeous when used around October 31st.

Getting these Dexter-worthy nails is super simple (but a little messy!). Paint your nails a solid light color (white works best). Take a straw and dip just the tip into the red polish. Now, blow on the opposite end of the straw to create the red blood splatters. This can get all over your fingers, so either have
polish remover and q-tips on hand, or tape around your nails for an easy clean up! If you want an even quicker way to get haunting Halloween nails, check out Sally Hansen’s limited-edition nail stickers: you can have spider web, skull and even ghost patterns in under 5 minutes.

If you want a bit of Halloween sparkle, glitter eyes are definitely the way to go!  I love the look of a more skin-toned glitter like this bronzey-gold, but if your are feeling more daring try a fun color like purple or green.

Fine glitter works best because it’ll lay better in your eye creases. Many makeup companies make glitter to be used for this purpose, but you can also grab some from your local craft store for much cheaper. I love Martha Stewart brand because there are a plethora of colors and it’s quite inexpensive! Use either Vaseline or creamy eyeshadow under the glitter so it has something to adhere to. The best part of this look is that you have the option to do a little on your outer eye, or cover you entire lid… it’s up to you!

Another chilling beautiful look you can wear to show your ghoulishly glamor is a deep-hued lipstick. Blood red is the most traditional Halloween color, but a less traditional dark purple can also do the trick

Try Shiseido’s Natural Wine or L’oreal in Millas Plum for Cabernet colored lips. The purple lipstick trend has been slowing gaining popularity for those daring enough to try the devilish color. YSL’s Purple Velvet is a deep, rich purple that will flatter anyone come the witching hour. Pair it with supernaturally long lashes for an extra wicked look.

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  1. October 25, 2011 at 8:30 pm #

    Love the blood splatter nails!

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