Bye-Bye Blemishes!

As much as we would all love to have a perfect complexion, the truth is that everyone needs to cover up every once in a while. I dare you to find a woman who does not need concealer to mask an unsightly blemish now and again. The question lies in what type of concealer are you using, and are you using a type or color that works best for you? Depending on your skin type and the reason you are using it, the answer differs for every woman. By using the correct color, the appropriate formula, and a great brush you can have that perfect complexion, supermodel skin or make you look 10 years younger!

Part One: Color

A general rule is to get a concealer that is 2 shades lighter than your skin tone, and in many cases this can work wonderfully. However, certain problem areas need special color attention to maximize your results. If you are looking for an under-eye concealer, one shade lighter is recommended so that dreaded owl-eyes/sunglasses-tan doesn’t happen. Also, a yellow tone will help combat the darkness of under-eye circles. The other color that can be great for covering is green! It may sound frightening, but when used in small quantities green can counteract the redness of acne and blemishes because they are complementary colors. When you are looking for a regular color, don’t test it on your wrist; instead try your jawline or neck to get a more accurate swatch.

Part Two: Formula

Liquid: Liquid concealer is best used on dry or non-oily skin because it is very creamy and light. It gives great coverage for around the eyes and standard coverage overall, but is not great for dark or large blemishes. If you are looking for a starter concealer and don’t have much to hide, a liquid is your best bet. Liquid formulas usually come in a tube or with a soft brush for easy application.

Powder: Powder is great for very light coverage. It is applied with a small, stiff brush which takes the powder and applies it in a more concentrated way right onto the areas that you need to cover. Powder is especially great during the warm months because it is not a heavy makeup and lets the skin breathe.

Cream/Stick: Cream concealers are the thickest and provide the most coverage. It is found in either a pot or a stick but both usually require the use of a brush to get a seamless application. It works with any type of skin because both oil and non-oil based formulas are available. Creams cover blemishes, scars and dark sports the best. It is not recommended to use for under eye coverage or over a wrinklier part of your face, because it can settle into your skins creases.

Part Three: Application

Concealer is traditionally applied after foundation, but before powder. To be honest, I apply it throughout my makeup routine, especially if I have a stubborn spot that won’t disappear. I do find that a small amount under the foundation and possibly a small bit at the end of my makeup gives me the best coverage, but for most people this much is not usually needed.

The most important part of your concealer is applying it with a great brush. The type of brush you use will make all the difference in the level of coverage you get out of each formula. For a smaller coverage use a small, but dense, brush such as the Royal & Langnickel BC210 and apply a small amount of concealer on the problem area.

Royal & Langnickel C210 Synthetic Concealer Brush

Royal & Langnickel C211 Synthetic Shade & Conceal

Always start with less because it is easier to add more than to take away. Using a slightly fluffier brush, such as the BC211, pat on in a circular pattern to spread the makeup evenly around the spot. On a larger area, such as under the eyes, a bigger brush will give quicker coverage and is gentle on the sensitive skin around you eyes. The BC225 works great to apply the liquid evenly while still covering dark circles.

Royal & Langnickel C225 Large Synthetic Concealer Brush

If you are using concealer in an anti-aging manner, the target spots to hit are the fine lines around your mouth, around your nose and the inner and outer corners of your eyes. By brightening these little places you are giving yourself a mini face-lift!

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