Breakin’ All The Rules

We have all heard silly and outdated fashion and beauty rules that have been passed down through generations of women, but somewhere along the line have become obsolete and antiquated. Who needs to worry about the proper time of night it becomes appropriate to wear red lipstick? We say put it on at 9am! Let’s be honest, rules were made for breaking and we’re doing exactly that!

Commandment #1: Thou Shalt Not Wear White After Labor Day

This is the very first rule that comes to mind when you think of fashion don’ts. This old adage actually comes from the days when summers were spent vacationing and tennis was a common daytime activity. Tennis and leisure clothing were most usually white, to keep the wearer cooler, so wearing them after summer was considered inappropriate. Nowadays this rule can most certainly be scrapped because white is always an appropriate and flattering neutral (unless you’re on your way to a wedding…we wouldn’t recommend that). Try finding a winter blazer in a white or cream, or pairing tights and boots with a white skirt and a bold colored top!

White Linen Blazer, $34.99, Fred Flare

Commandment #2: Thou Nail Polish Shall Match Thou Lipstick

If we matched our lipstick to our nail lacquer, there would be a few too many women walking around with blue, green and purple lips! Nail polish is a new way to express your creativity and individualism through makeup and no rules should limit what colors you use. Check out the recent trends from Fashion Week to see how fun nails are becoming! Another rule we can kick is matching your finger and toe polish. I recommend that toes remain in the pink family most of the time because, really, who would find blue sparkly toes attractive? As my mother would always tell me, “You don’t look cute, you look frost bitten.”

Gold & navy half-moon manicure, seen on Pinterest

Commandment #3: Thou Shalt Not Wear Mascara On Bottom Lashes

I’m sure that everyone has heard at one point or another ‘”Wearing mascara on your bottom lashes is bad for your eyes.” Who ever came up with this? And is there any factual evidence to support ignoring your lovely lower lashes? I did some research, and honestly there is not one good reason that mascara (and eyeliner!) can’t be put on lower lashes. Some women prefer not to because they say it give them the dreaded ‘raccoon eyes’, but with so many makeup companies such as Clinique developing mascara specifically for lower lashes, you have no excuse not to! It makes your eyes look bigger and brighter because using mascara on the top and bottom act as a frame for your eyes. And who doesn’t want to display your baby blues like a beautiful work of art?

Commandment #4: Thou Shalt Not Mix Metals

Historically, sliver has been kept separate from gold, but why? Mixing metals is way too much fun to keep them away from each other! Try stacking a few gold bangles along side some gunmetal or rose gold, or do the same with stacked rings. Instead of clashing with one another, the metals actually complement each other and also let you have more freedom with your other jewelry.  If you want to get wild n’ crazy, why not try a subtle silver eyeliner alongside gold earrings? The options when mixing metals are endless!

Topshop mixed media bracelets and stacked spiked rings, $30 and $18

Commandment #5: Thou Shalt Not Mix Black With Blue Or Navy

Black and blue may be one of the most wonderful color combos, not the worst! The same goes for black and brown. Black is obviously the most universal and flattering neutral, but warming it up with brown and black can break up a monotonous or solid ensemble. Black and blue can also make an amazing eye combo that works will all eye colors. Line your eyes with black and then use a deep navy either over the liner or as a shadow in the corners. The blue will work to brighten brown eyes and make blue eyes pop even more. In regards to clothing, a navy dress looks great with a black belt and a black blazer works fantastically with deep blue jeans for a casual but chic ensemble.

Lea Michele working the navy and black eye makeup on the runway.

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2 Comments on “Breakin’ All The Rules”

  1. lisaalinh
    October 11, 2011 at 9:35 am #

    Love the nail polish!
    – Lisa @

  2. October 15, 2011 at 12:27 pm #

    Great blog. Rules are made to broken! I have never heard that you shouldn’t wear mascara on the bottom lashes. I started using marsara on my bottom lashes when I found one that wouldn’t smudge off.

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