Bronzed Beauties

Now that we are sadly approaching the time commonly referred to as post-summer, so too comes the time when the tan lines start to fade. You may have the urge to jump in a tanning bed and keep that glow going, but c’mon who are you kidding? This is 2011 and there are far safer methods to keep bronzing into the winter.

Self-tanners are a great way to keep glowing throughout the colder months. There are so many formulas available you are bound to find one that suits your needs! There are gradual tan lotions, gel tanners and even foaming tanners. I personally prefer a mix of tanning lotion and gel tanner because it really helps prevent streaking. You can also mix your self-tanner with good ole plain lotion if you want a more subtle effect.

Before I apply the tanner I always lotion my hands and feet because that’s where I tend to streak the most. Many women have the same problem with their elbows and knees, so do whatever works the best for you. If exfoliating isn’t part of your daily shower routine, it’s also a good idea to prep your skin using a light exfoliater or scrub. Also, using a body brush to apply in the hard-to-reach areas works great! Try the Spa Brush (BSPA 2590) on shoulders, your back and the chest.

2" Taklon Oval Treatment Brush

I just use my own two tools for legs and arms- my hands! Just don’t forget to wash your hands!! Take it from my personal experience, you don’t want to forget and end up with pumpkin fingers!

Tip: If you end up with any splotchy areas, hydrogen peroxide will take the spots right off!

You also can keep your face glowing with a self-tanner or bronzer. If you have been a reader, you know how much I love cream bronzers, but other formulas work just as great. Try a powder bronzer like Nars’ Laguna and apply with a large, fluffy brush to the spots that the sun would naturally hit: your cheek bones, temples and forehead. The S.I.L.K Kabuki (BKABUKI-33) is my favorite because it is soft and supple and applies very evenly.

Royal & Langnickel S.I.L.K Pro Kabuki

You can also use a self-tanner made specifically for the face. Origins Faux Glow gives great color when used under makeup. You can mix it with your moisturizer for a nice base color. Apply this right after the shower when your pores are open, and let it dry before applying your regular makeup. If you don’t have a sensitive face you can also use the same tanner for the rest of you body.

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