Extreme Eye Makeup

Extreme eye makeup is a commonality on the runways and an exciting part of the makeup business, but is not very often worn by every-day women. We put on makeup everyday to enhance our already existing loveliness, but often forget about all the fun that makeup can bring! As my favorite lady, Lorelai Gilmore, once exclaimed after a little girls birthday party “I forgot how fun it could be just to put makeup on! You know it’s become so pragmatic, such drudgery. It’s like all we use it for now is to look better!” Why would we want one of the most awesome parts of being a girl to start feeling like a… chore?? Let’s put  some fun back into being girls and play with our makeup again.

One of my personal favorite looks is crazy lashes. So many makeup companies are making crazy, yet exciting eyewear available to everyone, that they no longer have to be worn only on October 31st! How unexpected and fabulous would it be to rock some feathered eyelashes on an unsuspecting Saturday night out? Pretty darn fabulous. Check out Illamasqua for professional-grade lashes. If little peackock feathers on your eyes is a little too extreme for your taste , grab some luscious blacklashes from your local drug store and pop those babies on for a flirty-good time.

Another look that will perfectly compliment the lady-like looks of the upcomming fall in winged liner. I personally took my first foray into winged liner very recently, and let me tell you, it isn’t as hard as it looks! A steady hand and a great Royal & Langnickel brush is all it takes to work this bold liner. This is one that anyone can try, day or night.

Royal & Langnickel has so many liner brushes to choose from. I prefer the S.I.L.K Pointed Liner(BC485)  brush and some cream eyeliner and created a cat eye in less than 5 minutes.

Royal & Langnickel Pointed Liner Brush (BC485)

You can re-create this bold catwalk look by turning the brush or the liner wand sideways and/or pressing it down harder to get a thicker line. Pairing with a bright lip will create a bold look, while pairing dark liner with a nude lip will put all the focus on your peepers.  Taking such a classic look to the extreme will spice up any outfit you have on!

One warning though, ladies… be careful with that heavy hand or your makeup could quickly go from extremely fabulous to extremely scary!

These looks may not be for the faint of heart, but c’mon ladies… start having fun with your makeup again!

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Author:The Art of Beauty Blog

At Royal & Langnickel we LOVE beauty, but we are PASSIONATE about brushes. This is why we designed our lines alongside some of the industry’s top professional makeup artists to ensure the quality and craftsmanship would stand up to intense daily use, while providing a flawless finish. We look to use this weblog to share with professional makeup artists and enthusiasts information on beauty and brushes. We hope you enjoy and engage!


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